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Happily Never forever

Emerson had three goals in life: Take care of her family, make enough money to pay the bills, and not fall back in love with Rhett Cormack. One of these goals proved impossible.

There comes a moment in a girl’s life when she finds out that princes aren’t real, tiaras are impractical and wet wipes are God’s gift to struggling moms. Emerson had that moment when she ended up a single mom to a hell raising two year old and a pubescent teenager aka her sister.

She thought life was as good as it would get and she was happy(ish).

Until her childhood best friend walked back into her life and showed her all she had been doing was exist.

Rhett never liked rules. Especially not the ones pressed upon him by his family. He was part of the Cormack legacy. Leading an empire was his birth right. Becoming a tycoon in his blood. His way in life was decided for him, his choices never his own. The only thing he ever really cared about was Emerson. Until he left without a word, turning his back on the one person that meant everything to him.

Is it too late to make good on a promise given many years ago and try their hand at forever?