Some call it fate partially revelaed cover.jpg

Some Call it Fate

Sometimes fate just needs a little helper.

Maisie Slater always had a thing for Oliver Thorpe. A thing as in a massive crush that just wouldn’t go away. She never thought he saw her as more than his friend’s little sister.

Turned out, Oliver was just better at hiding his feelings than everyone else. Except when Tequila got involved, fate’s busy little helper.

But Maisie had already decided to stop waiting for someone who didn’t want her and start living the life she was always meant to. A life filled with adventures, fun dates and drinks with her girls.

Too bad Oliver always got what he wanted. And what he wanted was Maisie.

Besides, everyone always knew they were meant to be together.

Some might even call it fate. 


This is the third book in the Some call it…. series and can be read as a standalone.