Dog walking delight

Picture this beautiful situation:

A day so sunny and bright it requires some celebration.


So you decide to take the apple of your eye, the holder of your heart,

The pot to your kettle down to the park.


Before even leaving the house you start to doubt your decision,

When said love starts taking the front door apart with precision.


After a short wrestling match to decide who is taking the lead,

Your are on your way at a breakneck speed.


A toilet stop here, a sniff over there,

And you start chanting a hope-we-will-make-it-before-the-sun-sets-prayer.


The park is finally in view,

And you think you just stepped into a zoo.


Creatures of all sizes appear,

Making you hope you could just sit this one out and return next year.


But your honeybun sweetness has other plans,

And tries to remove the lead out of your hands.


Your tackling skills get a workout,

Your voice gets tested on how loud it can shout,


Your apologies sound less sincere every time they are expressed,

And that poor sod your sixty kilo baby is sitting on is looking a bit distressed.


So you do the only thing that should be done,

And gather your dogs and see how fast you can run. 

Sarah PeisComment