Zombie Apocalypse

Lessons on how to survive the ultimate zombie apocalypse are hard to give,

Considering the chance is almost non-existent at that point you'll still live.


In the rare event that you do,

There are a few defence options you might want to have a look through:


Option 1: Take a piece of wood and sharpen the end,

Drive through dead body and hope it doesn't bend,


Option 2: Guns are always a preferred device,

But avoid wasting bullets by shooting more than twice.


Option 3: Try to look like a zombie by walking slower, talking slower and not showering for a few weeks,

While at the same time honing your running techniques.


Option 4: Whatever you do don’t try to be a hero,

Because that will make your chances of survival zero.


Option 5: Crossbows only work for those who actually have any skills,

Anyone else might as well throw down the bow and run for the hills. 


Always remember that whatever you do try not to scream,

As that will turn you into every zombie's wet dream.

Sarah PeisComment