It can only get better... or so they say

Trying to make sense of the spreadsheet written in made up code,

while coming up with ideas on how to best make it explode.


Sitting through your tenth meeting of the day,

wishing that instead you were somewhere else, even if it was the ballet.


Following hieroglyphic instructions from your boss,

applying your specially developed ninja reading skills but you are still at a loss.


That printer that you really need to work,

is being an uncooperative jerk,


Your computer does not do what it's told,

but every time you call IT it starts working again without a hold.


Trying to remember your password takes all your strength,

and it's impossible to explain all that is wrong with your machine at length.


It all makes you forget your own name on more than one occasion,

And instead wish for an alien invasion.

Sarah PeisComment