It starts with a simple idea,

That includes wanting to be anywhere but here.


After extensive research is conducted,

You are being obstructed,


By your meagre leave hours,

That can't be topped up by giving Human Resources flowers.


No matter how many bunches you bring,

They won't even give you a buffalo wing.


But thanks to your ingenuity and wit,

You develop a fool proof holiday kit:


Negotiating the time off,

By faking a deadly cough.


Next thing you know you're in the air,

And engaged in a death stare


With the toddler popping its head up in front of your seat,

That won't be broken even while you eat.


Sleep is elusive and a distant recollection,

But at the moment you are more concerned about disinfection.


You start scrubbing any and all surfaces on the plane.

soon finding out your efforts are in vain,

when people look at you like you have lost your brain.


After hours of leg cramps and sleep deprivation,

You would have believed anyone who called you a Dalmatian.


You question your sanity and wit,

Until you step onto the beautiful beach, cocktail in hand and decide this trip is a hit!

Sarah PeisComment