A good friend

Good friends cheer you on when you bust out your best dance routine,

and without a second thought they join you with their own that should never be publicly seen. 


They listen to you complain about the injustices of this world,

That ultimately, as they find out after hours, resulted in your hair going frizzy and curled.


They know that it is oh so wrong,

To sing along to that Taylor Swift song


But do it anyway,

Because they know it will make your day.


They eat the charred mess you call dinner,

And tell you without blinking that the meal was a winner.


They pick you up when you forget to fill up your car,

And are stuck in the middle of nowhere without a chocolate bar.


They even help you squeeze into that dress,

That's definitely a size too small but makes you want to put it on nevertheless.


There is nothing they wouldn't do for you,

Except maybe eat any more of your homemade stew.

Sarah PeisComment